The Wroat Gangs

Wroat was the capitol city of Breland back before the apocalypse. The old seat of power in the days when ‘democracy’ meant something very different, these days ruins of the capitol still has factions squabbling over limited resources. They just do it with high-energy weaponry instead of rhetoric and earmarks.

It’s an uneasy balance of power, as any aggressor who concentrates on one gang risks its neighbor taking advantage on their opposite side.

Flash Gits
With the recharging capacity granted by the city’s remaining power generator, they are well known for almost exclusively using magical energy weaponry.

Burna Boys
They love their incendiaries.

Mage’s College
Usually just referred to as the College (and don’t you dare confuse them with those Uni pansies), they fight with magic, though most can only cast one spell with anything resembling skill. There are relatively few actual wizards and sorcerors among them.

Red Berets
They based their combat on romanticized, fictional versions of small Spec Ops teams. The professionals from the Dragon War would see them as kids playing at being real soldiers, but even their fake, idealized version is enough to hold their own against the other gangs despite inferior numbers. Dol Dorn help the other gangs if these guys get their hands on actual Red Beret training materials.

The University
Not technically a gang, they get lumped in with the others because they’re located in Wroat. Morgrave University’s main campus was in Sharn, but their satellite campus and research center was on the outskirts of the capitol. 200 years later, and the Wasteland’s only organized resource for higher learning is in the heavily fortified campus.

The Carrot Society
They claim they are descended from the nobility of the old Brelish parliament, having hid in their Kundarak-Tec Vault under Glyphstone Keep for a while. They keep ‘serfs’ (slaves by another name), and normally they wouldn’t have the armament to keep territory. However, they have the loyalty of a handful of druids and a deal with the Flash Gits for power to feed sunlamps, so they are one of the only sources of fresh, mostly-radiation-free vegetables in the Wasteland. Nobody wants to mess with that.

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The Wroat Gangs

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