Slag is a very down-to-business person, and is very protective when it comes to his animals and those closest to him. Many of his acquaintances often describe Slag as having sophisticated manners and that he appears to be a very decent person. Slag also maintains a no-nonsense attitude, and in most cases attempts to resolve conflicts without the use of violence. However, he can get angry easily when met with irrational behavior or is falsely blamed or cheated.

Slag’s biggest weakness, his extreme need for revenge, comes out when he is faced with the passing of a pet or ally. When combined with his uncanny ability to track and his immense knowledge of the land, the murder of his companion could be described as well and truly screwed. It is suggested that he knows of this weakness and seeks an immortal pet in an attempt to avoid the manic fits of aggression he experiences.

When he was just eight, Slag’s village was overrun by a group called the Wind-Walkers. A highly mobile group of savages known for their ability to over run a village with extreme speed and then simply vanish. All inhabitants of his village were murdered except for Slag and his pet, Servil, who were by the old fort gathering healing herbs for a salve at the time. Slag was thrust into the wild and was forced to live off of the land, all the while training with for the day he met the Wind-Walkers again. During this time he became a master of tracking, living off of the land, and his animal knowledge grew to new heights.



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