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Sharnet appears as most drow – but given that drow are pretty rare, most people don’t know what that looks like. While some might know of the 200-year old race “drow” in relation to who is blamed for the balefires, even fewer have ever seen one or could realize they were looking at a drow if they had. For all they know per common knowledge, “drow” are some aberrant creatures down in Xen’drik with the giants.

So back to Sharnet. Typical drow features – long white hair usually unkempt, dark skin, blue eyes. He wears leather armor, with a scabbard on his right hip and cloak concealing most else. Those who know, know there’s a shoulder holster under his left arm, beneath the cloak.

Sharnet wears a fingerless black glove on his right hand at all times, so no one has ever seen his dragonmark. If one got a glimpse of it, they would see a perfect ring.

Name Etymology
Shar = dagger, edge
Net = horde, host, legion
So Legion’s Edge, or Horde of Daggers.


Few know of his origin, but most who know him know he pre-dates the vaults. He is most acquainted with Korhil, one of the few Vault 36 dwellers who also pre-dates Vault life.

For those who know, Sharnet was born in Xen’drik, though stayed only for his childhood. In his youth, he expatriated to Khorvaire and lived as a bit of a guttersnipe in Sharn, eventually performing some high-profile assassinations for Kundarak-Tec, the house that built the vaults. It is suspected that this is why he was “forced” a spot into 36. His ring dragonmark might have also been a part of it – the vault doors being circular themselves, perhaps.

Vault Life
Sharnet believes in Human Resources – as in, people are a resource to use to accommodate the necessary ends. Occasionally, resources have to be expended for the greater good of the goal. Between this and his age, vault overseers through the 200 years of vault life often sought his advice, counsel, and sometimes his covert activity to keep things running smoothly in the vault.

Sharnet was suspected, but never proven guilty of the three cannibalism incidents. People often suspect those who are “different.”

Above all, Sharnet desires (if not demands) loyalty. Those who are loyal to him will receive his invaluable support. Those who betray or double-cross him are likely to find a blade in their temple.


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