Discipline your mind.


Fico can be best described unremarkable and forgettable. His attire is plain and ornamented, with even its somewhat unique aspects serving a clear utilitarian function. His demeanor is one of quiet control; some would swear they detect a glimmer of emotion behind Fico’s gray eyes whenever his intellect is stimulated, while others deny that this stoic scholar feels anything at all. None, however, deny the cool intensity behind those eyes.

Fico’s scholarly training is extensive, but only shares his knowledge when it is needed. Unlike so many in both the vault and wasteland, the prospect of wealth, fame, or power holds no sway over him.


Fico’s dragonmark is on the inside of his left foreman, consisting of a equilateral triangle with the end inside of concentric circles. None know for sure what this strange symbol means, though a few scholars theorize that it is an ancient symbol of an alien race.


Fico was born in the vault, and from a young age devoted himself entirely to his studies. After an extensive dive into the history of his worlds cataclysmic downfall), he determined that the fundamental cause was a lust for power, pride, and ruthless actions by those controlled by their emotions.

Repulsed by this realization, Fico vowed to suppress his own emotions, living a dispassionate life relying solely on his intellect and logic to guide his actions.

As a teacher and scholar in the vault, he is familiar with his current compatriots, and had even attempted to teach the young thief before realizing the futility of interaction with someone so clearly lacking discipline.


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