Check your pockets


Stealthy jack who exists partially out of phase
Hedge Magic
Practiced in armor
Skill with speed defense


Scrolling winds traipse from left to right across his shoulder blades and barely shows on his neck above his collar. He is proud of the mark and cares not if people see it.


Brondell has been practicing his lockpicking and sneaking skills for as long as he can remember. He is the vault kid that stole from everyone, yet somehow ended up in the soft spot of most people’s hearts. Constantly giving people things that were freshly stolen from someone else somehow made things ok.

With the vault open, there is so much more to see, spy on, and steal. So many new people help, give things to, and spy on. He’s able to blend in almost anywhere and despite being new to the “fresh air” he is still ignored by mostly everyone.


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