"Father" Jove

The vault Manifest, the vault Reborn... Charlatan


Strong-Willed Nano who Works Miracles
Virtue: Honesty
Nano Background: Psionics
Additional Training: Diplomacy
Nano Esoteries: Push (2 intellect pts), Onslaught (1 intellect pt)
Additional abilities: Healing Touch (1 intellect pt, difficulty 2, difficulty/person +1 each use – resets after 10hr rest)

Since his birth, Jove has had conspicuous black and white raven wings branded over his spine at the base of his neck. He usually wears collared shirts or jackets to cover them.


Once the prosperous leader of the vault’s main religion, Jove represented the best of those born and raised in the vault. White, male, and younger-than-he-looks, he exuded a calm confidence bereft of any confusion of his place in the world.

As a child, he was curiously able to access unique abilities, including the ability to heal others. Unsure of the source of these powers, he ran away from home and his classes. He got by in the back alleys healing criminals and gambling on fighting gamecocks. When he was caught healing the gamecocks he bet on, he was brought to the previous religious leader for punishment and rehabilitation. Seeing young Jove’s talents, Father Prest adopted him and raised him to believe these were gifts from the Vault God.

When The Vault opened to the world again, Father Jove faced a challenge no previous vault priest had known. Suddenly, his teachings that the vault was everything – that the doors kept out an inhospitable hell not meant for man – were immediately and unequivocally questioned by the fact of a world outside filled with very much living people. Initially, he tried to continue preaching his same sermons, but as more and more of his flock left, he lost faith in his religion. Jove retreated from the public eye, casting off his position and fame. He returned the alleys he once knew so well, leaving nothing more than a legend of a healer available for anyone with enough willing to risk the darkness.

Current Day
After his network of informants let him know that a band of vault dwellers were heading out into the real world, Jove decided to return to the light so that he might uncover the real Truth and make sense of his broken world.

He has a lasting habit of being unable to completely lie, even if the truth is only said under his breath, and an intrinsic understanding of religions and diplomacy built from his time as Father.

"Father" Jove

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